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Melody Valdes
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This was then (as a Preschool teacher)This is now! 

I first came to USES as a volunteer over 10 years ago, eager to change the world but painfully unaware of the many challenges that low-income, underserved families faced. This reality turned what was supposed to be a summer opportunity into a lifelong passion and career.  From my first day until today, I continue to be inspired by this community and its incredible resilience and strive each day to make a difference and honor the legacy of those that came before me.

Today, more than ever, I believe that our sustainability is key to the well-being of our community! Through my work as Family Mobility Manager, I have seen first-hand the impact of our services and know that our efforts are lifting families out of poverty and into financial independence. 

COVID-19 has impacted us all, but the effects have been devasting on the most vulnerable. Donate to USES so that we may continue to support children and families through this crisis and beyond.