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Jerrell Cox
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My journey with USES started back in 1994 when I first attended Camp Hale (that's me on the left in the matching Christmas pj's!). That summer changed my life; I accomplished tasks that I would have never experienced if I had stayed in the city. Moreover, I met leaders and peers that were from all walks of life who believed in me and pushed me to be great. Needless to say, I returned to Camp Hale every summer after that and worked my way through leadership positions including Leader In Training, Counselor in Training, Counselor, and LIT Coordinator.

In 2009, I became Director of Camp Hale. Having watched the leaders who ran Camp before me, I knew that I had big shoes to fill. I had to keep the traditions of Camp Hale alive, yet put my own twist on it, and most importantly make sure Camp Hale would survive another 109 years! To do this, I implemented new sessions including Rookie Camp, Family Camp and Girls Camp.

Summer 2019 was an incredible year for Camp Hale and USES. We completed Phase 1 of our Capital Campaign- building new staff cabins, a new infirmary, a new dining hall and community space. My goal over the past 10 years was to match the site to the quality of programs and connections at Camp Hale. We finally gave Camp the upgrade it deserved and developed a community of supporters who recognize the importance of Camp Hale on Squam. Now in 2020, I am excited to take the next steps in my career as the Vice President of Development and utilize my leadership skills in a new way.