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ERP 2020

Participating in the Early Recognition Virtual Ceremony Sponsorship Program will help you to market directly to high achieving high school students and families in the Rochester area. Based on your sponsorship level, you will receive the following incentives:

  • Market directly to high-achieving high school students and families in the Rochester area with an ad in our virtual ceremony and our digital program book.
  • Public announcement in the virtual video.
  • Ad and logo placement in the virtual video, honoree’s certificate, or the ceremony program booklet (hard copy and digital booklet).
  • Share upcoming events to Early Recognition honorees, families, and Black Scholar Alum (current college students and professionals).
  • Show the community that your institution supports the ideals of the Salute to Black Scholars and Early recognition program.

After payment has been made, the ads and logos can be emailed to
   Recent Activity
P. Jones donated $25 on 12/16/2020
Hi Shakira! Your are almost finished with one endeavor in life. Congratulations and good luck on the next chapter. “HWPO” Luv Dad.😷😷
Terry and Rhondalynn Richards donated $10 on 12/16/2020
Congratulations Terrell Richards Class of 2023 Love Mom and Dad
Corey Skinner donated $10 on 12/16/2020
Samone Parson-Proud parent of Tramell Parson donated $25 on 12/16/2020
Samone Parson-Proud parent of Tramell Parson Jr. God Bless our youth.
Shauntay Hardy donated $10 on 12/16/2020
Well done! Your hard work and determination have paid off. I’m so proud of you, Alonna Fields! Congrats!
Ruth Crowder donated $10 on 12/16/2020
Congratulations to you Keilah my dear, and to all of the ULERA recipients!!
by Anonymous donated $10 on 12/16/2020
Carole Bilson donated $100 on 12/16/2020
Congratulations to the 2020 Urban League Black Scholars
Ken and Yolanda Sayres donated $10 on 12/15/2020
We are SUPER proud of the SUPER SAYRES Girls! You guys can achieve anything you want in life. We LOVE YOU BOTH!!
Irene Sanchez donated $10 on 12/15/2020
We are very proud of Julio Jirel and all the honorees receiving this award. Keep dreaming, thriving, achieving your goals. You got this!
by Anonymous donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Petrina S donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Providence Crowder donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Congratulations to all of our honorees and to my daughter Hannah on her wonderful achievement!
Kam & Shawny (Dad & Mom) donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Aniyah Ashford, we are so proud of you! All that you attempt, you master. You will continue to go far because you are LIMITLESS!
Mr. and Mrs. Allison donated $10 on 12/14/2020
To our daughter, we are admire the young lady you are! We are proud to witness your academic success, dedication & future goals. 💛💜❤️
Mom & Dad donated $10 on 12/14/2020
We are proud of your hard work and dedication. We love you.
Shonda Camps donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Sakeen Hamlet your a Rockstar!!!
Terrance and Laniece Simmons donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Congratulations Teralan!!! We are so proud of you and your accomplish. Congrats to all the 2020 Early Recognition Award recipients!
Mr. and Mrs. Felton Sr. donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Congratulations grandson! We are so proud of your accomplishments. Keep God first and he will direct you. We love you! Nana & Granddad
Regina Bailey-Grice & Raleigh Grice donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Congratulations Mahogane!! We are so proud of you-love Mom &Dad
Amy Overton donated $10 on 12/14/2020
Elizabeth Shim donated $10 on 12/13/2020
Talisha B donated $10 on 12/12/2020
T. Smalls donated $10 on 12/11/2020
Janiyah Whitfield CONGRATULATIONS!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Nicolle L. Haynes donated $50 on 12/11/2020
Nehemiah, You are a wonderful young man. Your friends and family are blessed to have you. Solve problems! Remember God is on your side!