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During my recent trip to Iran, I came across a remote and beautiful village called Ghahrizjan within 100 km of Isfahan. This village is home to 3,000 residents who are mostly farmers. Among the residents are 80 girls between 12 to 15 years old. Unfortunately, there are no middle schools in this village for girls - the closest school is in a nearby town that is over 30 kilometers away. Due to financial hardship and/or personal beliefs, many parents of these girls won’t allow them to go out of their village to attend school. As a result, many of these innocent girls are denied the education that every child deserves, and a chance to decide their future.

What’s next? The councilmen of this village reached out to me asking for help to build a school in their village so these girls can continue their education beyond elementary school. I promised to do my best to help them. We’re in the initial stages of planning right now in partnership with Moms Against Poverty (MAP), but are considering a plot of land of 1,400 square meters with a blueprint of a two-story building that has capacity for schooling these kids in Ghahrizjan and 3 other neighboring villages. 

One of my close friends, a Civil Engineer, agreed to supervise part of the construction free of charge. The Education Department in Iran and the MAP organization estimated that we need around $150,000 (three and a half billion Tomans) to finish this project (Link). We've already negotiated with the Education Department in Iran, and they’ve agreed to provide teachers for the school once it’s built. 

How can you help? I’m personally going to be involved in every stage of building the school and will provide you with updates via this website. I will finance part of the budget for this project, but need your help to cover the rest. If you’re interested in additional details, please let me know.