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Siamak Farah School Project

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Siamak Farah has been an inspiration to anyone who was lucky enough to know him. Those of us who knew him admired his passion for life and enthusiasm for bringing people together. Now that he is no longer with us in person, we want to follow his dreams and make them a reality.

He always wanted to give the opportunity to deprived children in Iran to pursue their education. Siamak helped raise funds to build a high school in a small village near Tabriz in Iran. Now we want to continue his vision and honor his wishes by building a school after him in another remote village, hopefully in Lorestan, where Siamak spent part of his childhood.

I hope we can all join hands and help make one of his so many inspirational dreams come true. As he always said "no amount is too small" so feel free to donate as much as you like.

100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit, Moms Against Poverty.
   Recent Activity
Muhammad Umar donated on 9/16/2021
Such a noble soul.
by Anonymous donated on 8/4/2021
Kamran Z Koranloo donated on 6/26/2021
Mariam Massarat donated on 6/15/2021
Vahid Salehi donated on 6/3/2021
by Anonymous donated on 6/1/2021
Behrouz Vafa donated on 5/23/2021
Cherishing Siamak in our hearts
Farshid Babazadeh donated on 5/20/2021
In memory of Siamak Farrah .
Kambiz Mobini donated on 5/20/2021
I knew you for a short period of time, Siamak, but it was enough for me to know how noble of a man you were. I miss you...
Cumrun Vafa donated on 5/18/2021
Feri donated on 5/18/2021
What a wonderful cause and what a wonder way to honor dear Siamak. May his soul always be happy and free.
Hadi Asgharzadeh donated on 5/17/2021
You are missed Siamak!
by Anonymous donated on 5/17/2021
In memory of a great guy and friend.
Nader Nafissi donated on 5/17/2021
Amongst his many attributes and skills, Siamak was also a great mentor. It is so fitting to have a school be named after him.
Kamyar Parviz Kadivar donated on 5/17/2021
Education is the best gift.
Cindy Labuda donated on 5/16/2021
Siamak was one of a kind. His big smile, hearty laugh and generosity won't be forgotten. My heartfelt sympathy to Sepideh and the family.
David/Beverly Wertheimer donated on 5/16/2021
Siamak's larger-than-life personality brought tremendous joy into this world. He made everyone happier. So blessed to have known him. :)
Alex and Torri Horovitz | درود بر شما donated on 5/15/2021
Truly the world lost a major source of light in Siamak's passing. Now we must all burn brighter to honor his spirit and memory.
Hamid Mirfendereski donated on 5/14/2021
May Siamak Jon Rest In Peace.🙏🙏🙏
by Anonymous donated on 5/14/2021
DENNIS GELYANA donated on 5/14/2021
To cherish the loving memories of Siamak
by Anonymous donated on 5/12/2021
May he Rest in Peace!
Mehdi and Moji Emamifard donated on 5/12/2021
In kind memory of Siamak Farahbakhshian
by Anonymous donated on 5/11/2021