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Dr. Emrani School for Boys Project

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Dr. Emrani School for Boys Project

Heydar G. Emrani, Ph.D. (1929 – 2021), believed in the pursuit of knowledge as a path to wisdom and happiness. To him, education was the most significant investment in oneself and the future of the world.

It is not about collecting degrees or titles but is the means to inspire, support, shape, and improve both the present and future.

Education cultivates one’s mind and intellect. It builds character, strong values, and ethics. And it encourages reason and critical thinking. In short, education is the foundation for empathy, understanding, and humanity.

Good education sets the seeds of wonderment and establishes the joy of discovery in children. It unveils their potential, builds their confidence, and ignites their desire to do. As Victor Hugo is quoted: “To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.”

Dr. Emrani was born in Isfahan. As a young child, it was imperative for him to study and go to school. He walked long distances, often in the dark, before sunrise and after sunset, to attend the local maktab. He persisted and eventually received his doctorate in economics and law from the University of Tehran, which enabled him to give back to his country and contribute to society. To the last days of his life, he never ceased to study, learn, and inspire.

In his memory and following in his footsteps, please help us create opportunities for young boys by building a school where the seeds of inspiration and empowerment can be planted. Please help us in our small step towards investing in the future of our country.

Project Details
Location of the project: Isfahan province - Khorobiabank city – Jandaq district
Dr. Haleh Emrani has made a charitable contribution of $20,000 towards this school project.

School building in 523,19 square meters including:
Classroom: 6 classes
Office and training room: 1
Hall: 1
Teachers' bathrooms: 2
Student bathrooms: 6
Drinking taps

Nikgaman Jamshid Tehran (NGO)

 Demographic info
Number of students: 150 boy students in one shift
Village and nearby population: About 4500 persons

All donations to MAP are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
   Recent Activity
Haleh E donated on 9/11/2021