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Iran Water Tanks Project

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MAP - Sistan and Baluchestan Water Project

1. General Information
Supply drinking water to families in impoverished regions and rural suburbs in Sistan and Baluchestan Province through portable water tanks.

Project locations

Impoverished regions of Sistan and Baluchestan Province in 8 villages/towns:
1. Hirmand
2. Konarak
3. Dashtiari
4. Mehrestan
5. Iranshahr
6. Delgan
7. Sib and Sooran
8. Zahak

Total project estimate
Project timeframe
After funding is secured, the project will take six months to complete.
Nikgaman Jamshid Tehran (NGO) 

2. Demographics
Project beneficiaries: 8,000 families in 8 villages/towns (please see above). In each village/town, an average of 1,000 impoverished families will be covered by this project.

3. Project Needs 
Project impact
1. Easy access to safe and healthy drinking water by local communities
2. Fair distribution of water based on available water resources amongst residents of deprived areas
3. Improving local infrastructure and boosting local communities resilience
4. Reducing waiting time for water supply
5. Allocating water tanks
6. Improving health/sanitation standards
7. Substituting traditional inefficient water usage system

Project challenges
1. The province is far from industrial and developed centers of Iran. 
2. There exist harsh climatic and geographical conditions. 
3. As a result of COVID-19 crisis in Sistan and Baluchestan and possibility of a fifth wave, there will be some restrictions for traveling to the region, assessment of areas, field surveys, and reporting. 
4. Dispersion of population over a vast area.

Project priorities
Due to drought and low rainfalls, a large number of cities in Iran are facing a serious water shortage crisis
Auxiliary projects
1. Restoration of qanats 
2. Purchasing AWG generators to convert humidity into water 
3. Dispatch of health experts 
4. Supply and distribution of health packages 
5. Supply of voucher cards for heads of households 
6. School construction

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