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Karen Muller
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This is my THIRD awareness campaign and your support is critical to making this campaign a success. The week of November 12-16th I will wear one dress for one week! Please consider making a donation to The Little Black Dress Initiative which supports the Junior League of Morristown's (JLM) programs such as Colonial Closet, Children Making Healthy Choices, Helping Hands and many other. All money raised will go to support JLM in its efforts to address issues tied to teen health in the greater

What is the Little Black Dress Initiative?

The Junior League of Morristown (JLM) is running its third annual Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI). LBDI is a poverty awareness and fundraising campaign that sheds light on the “invisible poverty” that surrounds us, with the goal of raising awareness and funds to help lift the burden carried by the most vulnerable in our community. The 2018 Federal Poverty Level for a family of four is $25,100 for the year. JLM is aiming to raise that same amount in five days.


League members throughout Morris County will wear one black dress for five days to illustrate the effects poverty can have on a woman’s access to resources, confidence and opportunities. They will wear a pin that says, “Ask Me About My Dress,” to spark conversation and spread awareness of the initiative and its objectives.


Why is LBDI necessary?

  • Morris County has 5,286 children living under the Federal Poverty Guideline. The 2018 Federal Poverty Guideline for a family of 4 is $25,100 per year.
  • 7,537 children in Morris County live in households that receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), cash public assistance income, or Food Stamp/SNAP benefits.
  • In 2016, rental costs proved to be a burden to many Morris County households, with 42 percent spending 30 percent or more of their income on rent.


To date, the JLM’s LBDI has raised nearly $40,000 to support the mission of the JLM. Funds raised through LBDI allow the JLM to improve our community and provide our volunteers with leadership, training, and development opportunities.



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Caroline Grasso donated $100 on 12/2/2018
by Anonymous donated $20 on 11/30/2018
Linda Paul donated $20 on 11/30/2018
Great job for a great cause.
Matthew S. Miller donated $20 on 11/30/2018
Cathy donated $25 on 11/27/2018
Nancy H donated $20 on 11/26/2018
Meredith M donated $35 on 11/20/2018
Thank you for your good work with this important cause!
by Anonymous donated $100 on 11/19/2018
The LTC donated $50 on 11/18/2018
Keep up the Lord's Work. Suggest you not wear the black dress near a convent or you might find yourself dragged inside and put to work.
Maria Ciranni donated $20 on 11/18/2018
Such a wonderful cause💕
Great Blue Pool Supply donated $50 on 11/16/2018
Laura Luciano donated $20 on 11/16/2018
Cynthia donated $20 on 11/16/2018
Kara Ryan donated $25 on 11/16/2018
Lisa donated $30 on 11/14/2018
Well done Karen. Great cause!
Amy Renna donated $50 on 11/14/2018
This is a great cause! Happy to help my home county!
Pete Babick donated $50 on 11/14/2018
Goooooooooooooo Karen!!!! I will double it if you think you can beat me in shuffleboard!
Rafael Acevedo, Jr. donated $100 on 11/14/2018
Keep up the great work for a great cause.
by Anonymous donated $52 on 11/14/2018
Marie donated $20 on 11/14/2018
George B donated $30 on 11/13/2018
Hollis and Jo Ann donated $50 on 11/13/2018
We are proud to support your efforts!!
Melanie D donated $50 on 11/12/2018
Reverend Joe donated $27.53 on 11/12/2018
Bend at the knee Stroke from the shoulder Walk slow and drink a little water
Susan Santomassimo donated $50 on 11/12/2018