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Buy the San Marcos Foothills

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So, you thought the San Marcos Foothills were protected? Well, you were partially right. Two hundred acres were protected by the County of Santa Barbara and constitute the San Marcos Foothills Preserve, but the rest was approved for development of single-family homes. Construction of new homes off Cieneguitas Road is being completed right now, and there are 8 more new homes are in the final stages of getting permits to build at the north end of Via Gaitero Road. Each new home would be about 5,000 square feet and would be accompanied by a guest house and associated development. All in all, the 8 new homes would occupy about 24 acres, and the remaining 80 acres would be permanent open space with a dedicated public trail. For more information about the development, click here. The part of the San Marcos Preserves that is about to be developed is what the development advertising calls "the Upper Preserve."
Final permits will soon be issued by the County to begin construction. Yet, there is a chance that the community of Santa Barbara could buy it from the owners, protect it, and add it to the San Marcos Foothills Preserve. We intend to pay the fair market price for the undeveloped land, which we believe is $5.5 million. Let’s raise the money together as a community and make an offer to pay fair market value for the undeveloped land. We believe that we need to raise the money by September 15, 2020 in order to keep the land open.
The 104-acre property is currently undeveloped and we want to keep it that way. It provides important habitat for rare birds called white-tailed kites and other wildlife as well as native grasses and wildflowers that depend on grasslands for their survival. From the property there are views of the mountains, Santa Barbara, Goleta, the ocean, and islands.
Please join us and contribute today by clicking here or the button below. All funds that are donated to this effort will be deposited into an account only to be used for the purpose of acquisition of the property. If the effort fails, we promise to return all funds. It will help the effort if you a) donate, b) add your name and the name of your organization as a public supporter of the effort, and c) if you invite your friends to join you.
If you would like to make a significantly large donation - please contact Ken Owen.

Ken Owen
(805) 448-5726
To find out more about the San Marcos Foothills visit the county website and
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Save Santa Barbara
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Like the Ellwood Bluffs and the Douglas Family Preserve, the San Marcos Foothills are an irreplaceable gem for the Santa Barbara community.
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giving back to this land that has given me so much during this past year...It is sacred space and must be kept a such.
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Leaving protected nature forYes future generations to enjoy is a legacy to be proud of.
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