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My Sister's House serves Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking by providing a culturally appropriate and responsive safe haven, job training, and community services.
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Leah Diaz donated $30 on 1/26/2021
Thi diep lan tran-manuel donated $50 on 1/26/2021
by Anonymous donated $25 on 1/24/2021
Cindi Behrendt donated $30 on 1/18/2021
by Anonymous donated $50 on 1/17/2021
Martha N donated $50 on 1/15/2021
Adela Villanueva donated $110 on 1/14/2021
Tami Mori-Tanaka donated $100 on 1/14/2021
In lieu of a birthday gift this year, my daughter encouraged me to make a charitable donation.
Linda P donated $110 on 1/13/2021
by Anonymous donated $110 on 1/10/2021
Florence Vann donated $50 on 1/8/2021
by Anonymous donated $20 on 1/7/2021
The Nakanishi Family donated $200 on 1/4/2021
by Anonymous donated $110 on 1/4/2021
Thank you for the work you do for our community.4388540076990539
Heather Hoganson donated $30 on 1/1/2021
mary L johnson donated $25 on 1/1/2021
by Anonymous donated $110 on 1/1/2021
Lori Ward donated $50 on 12/31/2020
Dr Bhavin & Shipti Parikh donated $480 on 12/31/2020
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